OOD Roles and tips

To be used in conjunction with Safe Operating Procedures

Unlock outdoor training room and Sailability store

  • Keys are in the lock box by the doors.  To get combinations to the lock boxes contact a committee member


  • Safety boat leader
  • Reception leader
  • Pontoon leader
  • Sailing boat leader
  • Liaison person

Using magnetic board

  • Allocate skippers to boats
  • Allocate sailors to boat
  • Allocate someone to shore radio 
  • Allocate buddy for new volunteers 

Brief all skippers:

  • Define sailing area
  • Agree time out and back for each boat
  • Agree objectives
  • Radio operation briefing
  • Emergency procedure
  • Explain that all damages must be reported in the book and to the OOD
  • Ask each skipper to check each boat before it is launched


  • Debrief as many volunteers as possible
  • Use comment book if necessary for everyone attending


  • Don’t try to do everything yourself
  • Rig as many boats as possible and if too many volunteers can go and play
  • Have a way to stay in touch with those waiting for boats (they tend to wander off)
  • May need to change who does what as more people turn up – especially safety boat and sailing instructors (remember to communicate to all affected)
  • Lay marks out for Accesses and 16 foot boats
  • Once skipper and crew allocated to a boat, try to keep them with that boat (eg assist with rigging and / or launching
  • Get safety boats and Marky in the water as early as possible
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