Sussex Sailability Rules

Amended February 2017

To ensure that Sussex Sailability operates in accord with the Charity Commission’s Rules and to simplify compliance with the regulations applying to limited companies the Memorandum and Articles (which govern the way that the Charity operates) have been drawn up so that Sussex Sailability particularly in its financial aspects is governed by a Board of four trustees, one of whom retires each year by rotation but can be re-elected. The trustees are elected by Full Members of Sussex Sailability who are over the age of eighteen.

The Articles provide for an increase in the number of Trustees if this is later thought desirable by members.  The Trustees have the power to change these Rules after giving notice, and Sussex Sailability has the power to alter, add and to repeal any Rule in General Meeting, provided that such changes are consistent with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


1.     Membership

1.1   Membership is open to Members of Sussex Yacht Club (hereinafter referred to the club) who wish to take part in providing disabled sailing facilities at the club, and disabled people who wish to learn to sail or to make use of the disabled sailing facilities provided by the club.

1.2     Because the facilities are located at Sussex Yacht Club, prospective members of Sussex Sailability must first join the Club.

1.3     Applications for membership of Sussex Sailability must be approved by the Trustees. For applicants who are not already members of Sussex Yacht Club, the application for Club Membership will be passed to the Club Secretary for processing by the Club in the normal way.  On election as Club members, they will become Probationary Members of the club for one Year, and also Probationary Members of Sussex Sailability.   Such members will become full associate members of Sussex Yacht Club after one year, and will them become Full Sussex Sailability Members.

1.4     Members shall cease to be a member of Sussex Sailability if their membership of Sussex Yacht Club lapses.

1.5     Associate Membership of Sussex Sailability may be granted by the Trustees to Carers of Disabled Persons or Group orgainsers under such terms and conditions as the Trustees may from time to time determine.  Such Associate Members of Sussex Sailability need not be members of Sussex Yacht Club.

1.6     Trainees. Disabled persons wishing to learn to sail or improve their sailing skills may attend as trainees on up to three occasions without charge but thereafter will be expected to join as Sussex Sailability members.

1.7    The rules of Sussex Yacht Club shall apply in full.

2.      Fees and Subscriptions

2.1    Fees and subscriptions to Sussex Yacht club shall apply in full and be paid to the Club

2.2    Sussex Sailability may make a discretionary contribution of up to two-thirds of the cost of membership fees payable to Sussex Yacht Club in respect of Disabled Members, disabled within the meaning of the disability Discrimination act 2005.

2.3  Subscriptions and Membership fees to Sussex Sailability shall be reviewed annually.  At inauguration it is noted that no such membership fee is charged.

3.    Helpers

3.2  Voluntary Helpers may be enlisted by the Operational Committee.  It is not necessary for such helpers to be members of either Sussex Sailability or of the Sussex Yacht club.

4.    Operational Committee

4.1  The day to day affairs and the Training Sessions of Sussex Sailability shall be run by an Operational Committee consisting of the Trustees and not more than six other elected  Members. Five of these will be Full Members and one will be an  Associate Member

4.2  Election of a Trustee or Trustees shall precede other elections

4.3   Each year at least one full Elected Member of the Operational Committee member will resign voluntarily and either stand down or put themselves up for re-election.  If there are more than nominations than vacancies, there will be a ballot at the Annual General Meeting with Full Members of Sussex Sailability or Sussex Yacht Club having one vote each. The candidate(s) with the highest number of votes will be appointed to the Operational Committee.  In the case of a tie the Chairman of Trustees will have the casting vote.

4.4   The Operational Committee shall elect the Chairman and Secretary of the Operational Committee.  The Treasurer shall be one of the Trustees.

4.5    The Operational Committee may co-opt up to three further members who may be Full, Probationary or Associate Members of Sussex Sailability or Voluntary Helpers.

5.   Agreement with Sussex Yacht Club

5.1     An Agreement shall be drawn up between Sussex Yacht Club and Sussex Sailability, covering the use of Club facilities, boat storage and use, financial and other matters.  This agreement shall be for a period of three years unless a review is called for after not less than a year by either party.

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