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Our Boats


Access are a range of very safe and stable dinghies specially designed to enable everyone to take part in sailing.  They all have a heavy centreboard that keeps the boat upright in all conditions.  They are steered with a joystick for simple control from your first moment on the water.  They can be accessed independently or by hoist and no transferring is required once in the boat.

Access 2.3

Small double handed dinghies. Perfect for learning to sail with an instructor. One of our boats has servo controls enabling those with very limited arm movement to sail independently.

Access 303

Great development boat for disabled sailors. These boats have both a mainsail and jib so they can sail faster and point higher than the Access 2.3. They are sailed with two people so you can sail with an instructor or able bodied assistant.

Access Sport

The sporty version of the Access 303 for those who want to take their sailing to the next level.  It has both a mainsail and jib and is sailed by one person. Twin rudders keep the boat on track even when being pushed hard.


Sussex Sailability has several 16ft dinghies and other boats which can be sailed by a mixed crew of able-bodied and disabled sailors.  All of our dinghies have heavy lifting centre-plates or fixed keels which keep the boats very stable.  These dinghies provide exciting sailing inside Shoreham Harbour or out on the English Channel and take part in yacht and dinghy racing at Sussex Yacht Club and beyond.

RS Venture

Specially adapted version of the popular RS Venture dinghy. Forward facing seats, joystick steering and full sail control from the seats including assymetric spinnaker deployment and trim make racing with the club dinghy fleet accessible to all

Laser Stratos

A fast but stable racing dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker. Can be raced with 2 or 3 people.  Sensitive, tiller steering requires more mobility from the helmsman than some of our other boats.

Sport 16

Topper class racing dinghy, with fully battened mainsail and heavy stabilising centreboard. It takes 4-5 crew, depending on conditions.


23ft racing keelboat which have been a long-standing Paralympic class boat. Very stable boat for coastal sailing. Can also be raced hard by a mixed crew of up to 5. They are highly competitive in Sussex Yacht Club races and even at Cowes Week.

Drascombe Lugger

A traditional style boat that is extremely spacious and stable. It has a yawl rig (jib, mainsail and mizzen) and an outboard engine. It takes up to 8 people, depending on weather conditions both around Shoreham Harbour and out to sea.



One of our motorised safety boats with a drop down ramp to make access very easy.