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Sail Training

Sussex Sailability uses the RYA Certificate of Achievement Scheme. The main purpose of this scheme is to enable people with a learning disability to achieve set tasks in sailing, and to be rewarded for that achievement.

Achievement Levels

There are five achievement levels in the Certificate of Achievement Scheme. Achievement levels are:

  • Entry Level
  • Bronze Level
  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level

Each of these levels has four sections:

  • Compulsory elements
  • Optional elements
  • Minimum attendance
  • Minimum 'on water'sessions

Achievement is assessed by instructors during practical activity on the water supported by some worksheet actvities. Sailors can join the scheme at any level. Therefore a person who is very skillful may enter at Silver and be credited with the Entry and Bronze Level, provided the minimum of sessions for Silver have been reached.


A logbook can be used as a record of a sailor's achievement and can be signed off by any volunteer (sailor) or instructor.

The logbook is designed to:

  • Support the development of any sailor regardless of ability.
  • Help you record and track your knowledge and skills.

The logbook is not designed for any one type of boat, it is appropriate for keelboats and dinghies.