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When do you sail?

Sailing sessions are held on Saturdays approximately every other week from April to October (tide dependent).  Information about the Sussex Sailability sailing activities can be found in the Activities Section.  The 2018 Sailability Sailing Schedule can be found here.

How do I get there?

Information about the location of Sussex Sailability is on the How to Find Us section of the website

Will I be able to access the facilities?

For information on accessibility and facilities available for disabled people at Sussex Yacht club please see the Facilities and Access Section.

Do I have to know how to sail?

There is no need to have had any previous experience of sailing or even to have been on a boat before.  We will check your individual needs, skills level and what you want to do. We have experienced instructors and volunteers who are there to assist you at all stages ashore and in our boats. You will be able to develop your sailing skills as quickly and as far as you want.  We offer sail training through the RYA Sailability Certificate of Achievement Scheme. Information about this is in the Sail Training section of the website.

What should I bring?


It is colder on the water than on land.We suggest you bring:

  • several layers (eg T-shirt + sweater + waterproof jacket and trousers)
  • trousers (avoid jeans as they get very heavy and chilly when wet)
  • trainers, or special footwear if you use it.
  • sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • tie on for glasses, or spare contact lens
  • set of spare clothing, shoes and a towel, in case you get wet

(n.b. we have waterproof jackets & trousers and buoyancy aids which you can borrow).


Sailing can make you thirsty especially in strong sun.  Bring a bottle to take with you while you are sailing.  There is drinking water available in the SYC Clubhouse.


You may have to wait until a boat and skipper are ready to take you sailing and you may be on the water for some time.

  • We provide tea, coffee, water and biscuits while you are on-shore
  • You may want to take a simple snack (chocolate or cereal bar) that you can eat while you are sailing
  • You may like to bring a snack such as sandwiches for when you get back to shore. Light lunches are also available at the SYC bar.

What happens when I arrive?

  • We ask you to sign in. The sign-in sheet is in our Training Room.
  • We will discuss with you how to use your taster sessions.
  • You get to meet other sailors and volunteers
  • The Officer on Duty will match you with boats available.
  • Your boat’s skipper will meet you and introduce you to the boat.

What happens in a session?

We aim to get everyone who arrives on time for the session onto the water as soon as possible.  Where we have a lot of people we sometimes have to split a session into two, so you may need to wait a while until a boat, skipper and other assistance is available.