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Sussex Yacht Club Accident Reporting Procedure

Updated 1 March 2015


  • All accidents should be recorded in an accident book. Serious accidents (those requiring external assistance) must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) within 48 hours. This procedure applies to sessions operated under the auspices of SYC or Sussex Sailability.


  • All sections operating waterborne sessions of any description at SYC must have access to an accident reporting book. There will be several of these books stored in convenient locations according to the need of individual sections. One of these books is held in the SYC office
  • All accidents must be recorded in an accident book. At the same time a copy of the accident record must be made and forwarded to the SYC office to arrive within 24 hours.
  • The SYC office will keep a central record of accidents and will report accidents to the HSE within the prescribed period when deemed necessary.


  • All those who have responsibility for a waterborne session must be made aware of these procedures.

Location of accident books

  • Shoreham : SYC Office. Cupboard at the back of the Outside Training room
  • Southwick : In Changing area storage together with the First Aid Kit