Communications and support during Covid 19

It is becoming increasingly evident that disruption to normal life, including Sailability activities, is likely to carry on for a considerable period.  Several people have contacted me to say that they would like to provide support and keep (on-line) social contact with other Sailability members during this period.  

In order to enable contact between Sailability members and provide real-time updates on Sailability activities, a Sussex Sailability site has been set up on ‘Team App’. You can access the Sussex Sailability Team App site either through a smart-phone/tablet or on your computer:

From a smart-phone or tablet go to the App Store or Google Play and download ‘Team App’.  Create an account by clicking on ‘Log In or Sign Up’ and follow the instructions.  Once you have created an account, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for ‘Sussex Sailability’.  On the Sussex Sailability page click ‘Request to join this team’s app’.  Click on an Access group that best describes your role in Sailability (Disabled sailor, Volunteer or Carer) and complete the short personal details form.

If you are using a computer go to  Click on ‘Sign Up’ on the menu bar at the top and follow the instructions to create an account.  Once you have created an account click on ‘My Teams’ and the magnifying glass icon to ‘Find your Team/Club’. Search for ‘Sussex Sailability’ and click on the link to go to the Sussex Sailability Team App web-site.  On the top left hand side next to the Sussex Sailability logo your should see a small head and shoulders icon (which shows ‘My Membership’ when you hover over it).  Click on this icon and you will be taken to a Membership screen.  Tick to agree to provide membership details to Sussex Sailability and click ‘Join’.  You will then be taken to a screen for ‘My Access Groups’.  Click to join a group that best describes your role in Sailability (Disabled sailor, Volunteer or Carer) and complete the short details form.

Once you have joined one of the Access groups you will have access to the functions of the Sussex Sailability app which include seeing News stories (I will use this for posting general updates), Events (all planned Sailability events for the season are on the App, but these are obviously subject to confirmation and I will update each of them closer to the time), Schedules and Teams (contact me if you wish to join any of the groups shown) and Chat.  The Chat function enables you to send messages to Access groups of which you are a member or send Private Chat messages to any individuals in groups of which you are a member.  It is this function that I think will be particularly useful during Covid.

In addition to the Access Groups for Disabled sailor, Volunteer or Carer you will see an Access Group for Covid 19 Support.  This group has been set up for communication between those who would like to give or receive (or both) support to other members of Sailability.  If you would like to join this group you can do this by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of your smart-phone app and choosing Access Groups and then ‘Covid 19 Support’ from the available groups.  If you are using the web-site from a computer, click on the head and shoulders icon (My Membership), then the Access Groups button and join the ‘Covid 19 Support’ group.  Once you are a member of this group, when you go to the Chat page you will see groups of messages that have been sent by members of this group.  You can contact others by responding to a message in an existing discussion thread or by starting a new thread. 

I hope that you will all find the Sussex Sailability Team App helpful during these difficult times.  Please send me feedback on your experience of using the app, any challenges you have found, and (better still) any tips or tricks that you find that may benefit others.  We will continue to use e-mails for key communications (event cancellations, and ultimately when we get through this, sign up sheets for taking part in events), but Team App should enable more horizontal communication between Sailability members – not just long e-mails from me.

Chris Hodge

Chairman, Sussex Sailability

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